Vassar haiti project

To find out how you can help, or better yet, how you can be a part of the Vassar Haiti Project, click here! Education is where VHP started, and where I feel a strong connection. The March trip to Haiti was one of the most exciting and memorable times of my life.

While I had the medium of art try to understand the vitality and vibrancy of Haiti the truth was that, to me, the Vassar Haiti Project could have been the Vassar Anywhere-In-The-Universe Project and I would have happily dedicated myself to it.

Yet, what happens with time is that the artwork begins to inform the way you understand Haiti. I realized that what we are doing is not only holding sales, handling paintings and putting down numbers on inventory but really, connecting and communicating with those people.

Vassar-Haiti Project (Aired on June 20 & 21, 2015)

Annual Haiti Project Sale and Auction. Even though the classrooms in Chermaitre look vastly different from those on campus, I was reminded of the universality and importance of education. The trip was, in short, an amazing learning experience, a rewarding opportunity to partner with others, and the start of wonderful relationships that I hope will last me a lifetime.

In the preceding days I would hear stories, and experience the raw emotions of life, but I still feel a pang of that emotion I first felt that night: The sale of art Vassar haiti project both our primary method of fundraising, and is also one of the most effective tools we have for building awareness of Haitian culture and society.

As I sat in on a sixth grade class studying biology, the teacher brought in a real plant, pointing out the roots, stem, and leaves to explain each of their structure and function. The Art We purchase original Haitian artwork, and we sell it both at a big annual Vassar event and in schools, parishes, and other organizations throughout the US Northeast.

I have returned to Vassar with a renewed energy and passion to continue to work with the people of the Vassar Haiti Project to make it the best it can be.

Initially, it was helping with art sales and similar events. The Vassar Haiti project supports both of these initiatives. One of the things I was confronted with when I went to Haiti was my thoughts.

August Learn how and when to remove this template message The Vassar Haiti Project VHPfounded inis a nonprofit organization that promotes Haitian artfosters sustainable development in Haitiand mentors student and community volunteers in the principles and practice of global citizenship.

The paintings reach us as unstretched canvases.

Vassar Haiti Project

By latewe had finally located a suitable site for a permanent clinic, and construction began. Dr Gueslin was very insightful and taught us a lot about medicine while we took notes and he saw patients.

They were in green uniforms, which told us that they go to the primary school we built in Chermaitre.The Haiti Project was created in by two of the most generous people I have ever met: Lila and Andrew Meade.

They decided to help a small community in. The latest Tweets from Vassar Haiti Project (@vassarhaitiproj). Creating change through art. Poughkeepsie & Chermaitre. The Vassar Haiti Project (VHP), founded inis a nonprofit organization that promotes Haitian art, fosters sustainable development in Haiti, and mentors student and community volunteers in the principles and practice of global killarney10mile.comd: The Vassar Haiti Project’s sixth annual Art and Soul reception and fundraiser March 1 will pay tribute to Dr.

Paul Farmer. The Vassar Haiti Project is a collaborative, all-volunteer (c)3 supporting the welfare of artists and artisans in Haiti, and sustainable development in Chermaitre.

The Vassar Haiti Project functions through the auction and sale of Haitian art and handcrafts. Save the Date! Join the Vassar Haiti Project in Sag Harbor, NY for our 6th annual Haitian Art Sale from July July 22!

The Haitian Art & Handcraft Sale will feature original paintings, including some older, collectible works with a wide assortment of unique and affordable gifts, including silk scarves and jewelry.

Vassar haiti project
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