The summer training program stp essay

The Faculty Guide may be consulted for any problems faced during the process. Suggestion — discussion with management. The role of the Faculty Guide is to enable the student to undertake a meaningful project, provide the necessary academic guidance, and to facilitate evaluation, along with the aid of the company guide, while STP is in progress.

Implication of the study a References b Appendices. Any other special point observed by you. This report would be used along with Resume of student for placement purpose.

The Faculty Guide will be involved at all stages of the project. Students are advised to read the contents of the handbook carefully prior to commencement of Training. Areas of operation, competitors, market share, advertising and sales promotion.

Copies of such reports would be available at PIMR. In case of any similarity in project report submitted, the student will be awarded zero marks.

Any resemblance of the project report will be dealt very seriously and the student will not be awarded any marks for the same. Solutions to various problems confronted in the assignment might be open-ended, involving an element of analytical thinking, processing and decision-making in the face of insufficient data parameters and uncertain situations.

Besides this, any other form of academic action PIMR might deem fit to impose. Students should take utmost care in writing the report.

The students are required to report in the institute latest by July 15, for their classes. In case of group projects the student is required to ensure that the sample, data collection, results and discussion should not be similar in any two project reports.

Summer Program Experience for the College Essay

Financial performance including quantitative aspect and position, costing methods and analysis of statement. The feedback form should reach the Placement Cell latest by July 31, Therefore, proper care should be taken while documenting the project. However, the student also has the responsibility to seek clarification from the respective faculty on all the above aspects regularly.

The report should cover all aspects of your summer training along with certificate of training and feedback form.

Unprofessional behaviour, misconduct, indiscipline, irregularity at work and unsatisfactory performance will lead to cancellation of STP.When you start brainstorming ideas for your college essay, consider writing about life at your summer program!

Summer Program Experience for the College Essay. Welcome to the Summer Training Program!

The Summer Training Program (STP) Essay

The groups will be changing times throughout the summer. See the STP schedule tab for TENTATIVE schedule.

Summer Internship Project Report Format Essay

That is the heartbeat of The Navigators’ Summer Training Programs (STP). STP is a summer opportunity created to gather together like-minded, believing college students to stoke the fire of passion for God as they do Kingdom work all over the country.

CHAMPLIN PARK/COON RAPIDS GIRLS HIGH SCHOOL HOCKEY SUMMER TRAINING PROGRAM (STP) REGISTRATION FORM SUMMER Our summer training program is designed for present and future players at Champlin. What it STP? The Minnesota Lacrosse Club will have a drop-in skills session available for any players who want to get better on their own schedule this Summer.

When is STP?

The skills sessions will be hosted nightly, Monday - Thursday from pm at HealthEast Sports Center in Woodbury starting May 21 and running through July Summer Internship Project Report Format Essay. B. We will write a custom essay sample on Summer Internship Project Report Format The Summer Training Program (STP).

The summer training program stp essay
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