The successful achievements of henry vii

Yet the unpopular means for governing the realm soon reappeared because they were necessary. Physical and mental decline The Cleves fiasco destroyed Cromwell; it enabled his many enemies to turn the king against him, and in July his head fell on the scaffold.

The main problem facing Henry was restoring faith and strength in the monarchy.

Henry VIII

Of their cousins, Edward, Earl of Warwicka child, was safely in the Tower, and the de la Pole brothers had made their submission to Henry after Bosworth.

And perhaps in his very death his greatest achievement is revealed, for his son, Henry VIII, succeeded him peacefully, with no immediate rival to challenge the crown. Trade agreements Henry VII was much enriched by trading alumwhich was used in the wool and cloth trades for use as a chemical dye fixative when dyeing fabrics.

Local gentry saw the office as one of local influence and prestige and were therefore willing to serve. Alison Weirhowever, points out that the Rennes ceremony, two years earlier, was possible only if Henry and his supporters were certain that the Princes were already dead.

It was the first English gunship of its kind. In Warbeck was captured. Henry married Elizabeth of York with the hope of uniting the Yorkist and Lancastrian sides of the Plantagenet dynastic disputes, and he was The successful achievements of henry vii successful.

In fact, Henry kept a splendid Court, fully as brilliant as those of his predecessors. But his main achievement in this sphere was in his successful enforcement of these laws, accomplished largely through the vigilance of his increasingly valuable Justices of the Peace.

The monarchy that he left to his son was a fairly secure one and most definitely a wealthy one. The dissolution of the monasteries allowed for the creation of new lands and titles all of which were handed out by Henry.

Henry VII of England

Henry could not afford now to let him live, and he was executed in So all at once it seemed that Henry Tudor had a good claim to the throne. After the defeat of the conspirators at Stoke on 16 Jun when the Earl of Lincoln was killed Henry decided that ridicule was the best weapon and made Simnel a turnspit in the royal kitchens, later promoting him to falconer.

Henry VIII Failures in his lifetime The fact that he took six wives is enough to say that marriage was not his strong suit. For instance, he established Woolwich and Deptford as the Royal Dockyards. They were also in charge of various administrative duties, such as the checking of weights and measures.

Loss of popularity While the greatness of England in Europe was being shown up as a sham, the regime was also losing popularity at home. In his youth Henry was an energetic man, an accomplished sportsman, a keen musician and was known for having a great level of learning and intelligence.

Feelings came to the boil in the years — Now he had turned against the pope; his act was equal to encouraging the Protestant Reformationa thing attractive to Cranmer and Cromwell and perhaps Anne Boleyn but not to Henry, who despised Luther.

Full of experience—the oldest king in Europe—and increasingly competent in the routine of rule, he lacked the comprehensive vision and large spirit that would have made him a great man. Trading on his own account, the King made a profit of some 15, on deals in alum in Raged War Against Scotland and France.

His desire to have a son at practically any cost meant that he was cruel to his wives when they could not produce the heir to the throne that he so desired.

To deal with this, Henry strengthened the government and his own power, at the expense of the nobles. In Maythe King was captured after his defeat at the Battle of Barnet, and not long afterwards he was murdered.

Moreover, in Thomas Wolseywho organized his first campaign in France, Henry discovered his first outstanding minister. Despite his eccentricities and certain decisions that cannot really be explained or justified in a rational way, Henry VIII is an important monarch in the history of England.

King Henry VIII Accomplishments

Policy in the hands of a sick, unhappy, violent man was not likely to be either sensible or prosperous, and so it proved. Within weeks, Wolsey was ousted, but his disappearance solved nothing, and the councillors who succeeded him could offer little help to their king, who knew only what he wanted, not how to get it.

Jasper fled with Henry to France. In —42 he briefly renewed his youth in marriage to the year-old Catherine Howardwhose folly in continuing her promiscuity, even as queen, brought her to the block. Not that it was clear to the man most concerned; he continued as before, lamenting religious dissension, attending to the business of government, continuing the pretense of deathless majesty, destroying the powerful Howard familywhom he suspected of plotting to control his successor.

Despite the obvious pointlessness of the fighting, the appearance of success was popular. The fanciful expectations of the early days could not, of course, endure; some measure of reality was bound to intrude.

From the onset of his reign, Henry was determined to bring order to England after 85 years of civil war. Henry VIII was always inclined to develop a stronger army which was also equipped with powerful weapons.

In many ways he failed as a father, declaring his daughters both illegitimate which meant that they would be unable to claim the throne.Henry VII ended the civil wars known as the Wars of the Roses, founded the Tudor dynasty and modernised England's government and legal system.

Personal Accomplishments of Henry VIII · Had children who all ruled as the Kings or Queens of England, such as King Edward VI, Bloody Mary and Queen Elizabeth I · Henry VIII was known for having sharp sense in music, comosing 'Greensleeves'.

Henry VIII included the schools in his policy of concentration and consolidation of power in the hands of the state. Inunder Henry’s son Edward VI, the Chantries Act was passed, confiscating the estates of the church expressly for use in education; but the.

4 Major Accomplishments of Henry VIII

It could be debated whether or not Henry VII was a great King, but he was clearly a successful King. He had several goals that he had accomplished by the end of his reign. He had several goals that he had accomplished by the end of his reign.

So the theory that Henry VII was the first king to use new men in his movement is not true; but it is true that he relied to a greater extent on the abilities and intellect of such new men as Cardinal Morton and Bishop Fox of Winchester with much success. King Henry VIII Accomplishments Despite being most famous for his six wives, King Henry VIII greatest achievements were in the field of politics, religion and military campaigns.

He is also famous for being the father of one of the greatest queens that England has ever known; Elizabeth I.

The successful achievements of henry vii
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