Telestroke business plan

Switzer, DO Research Support: Mac OS X The content managers reported the following financial relationships with commercial interests whose products or services may be mentioned in this activity: Learn about treating stroke and how the TeleStroke process can help Telemedicine Process: Read Testimonials from our members, news articles about the program, or contact us for more information.

Our Portal works by providing neurologists with a platform to document their encounters while ensuring adherence to the latest clinical protocols, while a decision support system runs in the background and alerts them of any telestroke business plan.

Avoid investing on non critical, costly functionalities e. Accreditation for this program has expired. Schwamm describes it, "Time is brain". Aside from the web portal, all of the technical components are commercially available. Since the scans are available, the Partners stroke physician will be able to see subtle findings on the CT scan, thus helping to determine which patients qualify for thrombolytic therapy.

Data compression technology is utilized to transmit the images. In accordance with this policy, Medical Education Resources identifies conflicts of interest with its instructors, content managers and other individuals who are in a position to control the content of an activity.

The local stroke team is activated and brain imaging is performed. When it comes to the assessment and treatment of stroke patients,"time is brain". Follow-up consultation is also available for further treatment decisions and secondary stroke prevention recommendations.

The findings are discussed with the remote physician and together they collaboratively decide on a plan of care. Medical Education Resources is committed to providing its learners with high-quality CME activities that promote improvements or quality in healthcare and not the business interest of a commercial interest.

If remote advice is desired, the patient signs a consent form allowing them to be evaluated over the video conferencing system.

Telestroke network business model strategies.

This is where TeleStroke comes in. This makes the social and economic impact of stroke one of the most devastating in medicine. At a high level, our technology has been designed with a large, health system-driven TeleHealth operation in mind and is flexible enough to account for the intricacies of such operations- institutional affiliations, user roles and differences in clinical services and their workflows can all be supported through our one-of-kind software architecture.

The brain imaging review allows a Partners stroke physician to download and view brain scans from the remote hospital. The faster a patient receives proper treatment for stroke, the better the chances for recovery. Name of Faculty Bart M.

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National Stroke Association sponsored study on telestroke funded by Genentech, Inc. Visit the below links for more information on the TeleStroke process and the many benefits this service provides. This patient might be a candidate for thrombolytic therapy, utilizing either intravenous IV or catheter based methods, or someone in whom acute stroke expert management consultation is desired.

Please visit one of the links below for more information. Fanale, MD Speakers Bureau: Your participation in our National Consortium will provide stroke research collaborative telestroke business plan to advance the science behind stroke diagnosis and therapy.

Upon completion, they then review the brain imaging. Programmatic Model Share This Page Programmatic Model and Business Intelligence Our programmatic model is deployed at partner institutions after a conscientious analysis of the stage and needs of your TeleStroke efforts.

Telemedicine Process Overview The telemedicine system has three components: Unfortunately, some hospitals lack the resources to make this determination and cannot physically transfer the patient quickly enough to enable them to receive this therapy if warranted.

With the help of the referring ED, the stroke specialist conducts a brief neurological exam of the patient. The patient is then considered for remote consultation. Links and Media News Articles.Our objective is to summarize the evidence that supports the reliability of telemedicine for diagnosis and efficacy in acute stroke treatment, identify strategies for funding the development of a telestroke network, and to present issues with respect to economic sustainability, cost effectiveness, and the status of reimbursement for telestroke.

Telestroke Business Case Template (BC) Online Document Telestroke Education Plan Online Document Hyperacute and telehealth sample professional education plan NEW Online document Canadian Stroke Best Practice Recommendations TELESTROKE. --Stroke. Step #2: Building a Long Term Financial Plan Even when financial considerations are not the prime objective of your program, they remain critical.

Start with measurements that contribute to achieving the business objectives of the organiza-tion. Give clear short and long-term financial goals. Examples include. To meet the needs of the stroke community, National Stroke Association offers a series of three minute, non-accredited webinars to educate primary stroke center hospitals on how to create and effectively manage a telestroke network to.

Telestroke: University of Utah Health Care Experience and New Program Considerations Patricia Carroll, RN MS April 5, Salt Lake City * * Reimbursement Strategies.

The Partners TeleStroke program could be an important component of your patients’ stroke care by helping you to rapidly evaluate and treat stroke patients. Please visit one of the links below for more information.

Telestroke business plan
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