Smu mba sem 4 hcs summer

A a Core competencies and their importance b Strategic leadership. Explain the importance of statistics in business and management. Accounting concept refers to the basic assumptions and rules and principles which work as the basis of recording of business transactions and preparing accounts.

Differentiate between Probability and Non-probability sampling methods. Write a short note on export financing facilities in India. Briefly describe each with an example.


The Hospital management is at crossroads - the dilemma faced by them is whether they should automate the medical records department in the hospital or continue using the manual records storage system.

Discuss the payment options available to exporter and importer. Explain the different types of research designs.

Journalize the following transactions in the books of Balu. Banks in every country provide export finance. Explain its Characteristics and types.

Explain the keys to ensure success of BI in organisations The keys to ensure success of BI in organisations 2 Elaborate on the Business Intelligence BI applications in Finance Business Intelligence BI applications in Finance 3 Business intelligence tools are software programs and applications that are used for comprehensive and detailed data analysis.

Explain the report writing steps.


Explain the steps involved in designing and implementation of Hospital Information System. Modes of payment 10 Answer. Merits 3 Elucidate the key regulations applicable to business in India. They have withdrawn the goodwill from the firm. Discuss the various control charts. Explain different methods of evaluation of healthcare services.

Need for export finance, Financing facilities 5, 5 Answer. Meaning of business strategy Explanation of the need for business strategy 2 Define strategic management. Once again inthe name was changed to Export Credit Q5. Meaning of research design Meaning of Probability and Non-probability sampling methods Differences 3 The important task ahead of the researcher is to document the entire work done in the form of a well-structured research report.

As an exporter, what benefits you can get from Post shipment finance scheme? What are the different types of variation in time series? What are the causes for failure of Strategic Management?

Discuss the importance of financial information in healthcare organisations. Explain the four main components of system architecture 4 b. Construct a consumer price index for the information given by using Aggregate expenditure method Commodities Quantity Q0 Unit P0 P A 7 quintal B 5 quintal C 4 quintal D 9 quintal E 3 kg 18 23 F 5 quintal Meaning of Time series Different types of variation in time series with examples Consumer price index using Aggregate expenditure method 3 What is statistical quality control?

Post shipment finance, types 7, 3 Answer. With your knowledge about electronic medical records, how will you help them in taking the right decision in this regard?

Discuss the role of economists in healthcare industry. Explain the features and objectives of final accounts [Explanation of objectives of final accounts-3 Explanation of features of final accounts-7] 4.

Explain the system architecture b. Explain the need for financial reporting. Discuss the current scenario of telemedicine in India.The Maguire Energy Institute at SMU Cox School of Business honors Greg Armstrong, CEO of Plains All American, with the L.

Frank Pitts Energy Leadership Award at a sold-out luncheon ceremony on Thursday, Feb. 1, on the SMU campus. Wednesday, 30 July SMU BBA SUMMER DRIVE ASSIGNMENTS. SMU BBA SEM 2 SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS GET SOLVED ASSIGNMENTS AT Rs per subject or Rs per semester.

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MBA Summer MBA Semester 1 MBA Semester 2. MBA Spring MBA Semester 1 MBA Semester 2 MBA Semester 3 MBA Semester 4. BBA Spring BBA we've supported student around the globe in their case study and project and for sikkim manipal university assignments.

Our student is fully satisfied as they got more than 80% marks. SMU MBA SEM 4 MIS SUMMER ASSIGNMENTS MI ENTERPRISES RESOURCE PLANNING 1. Define Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP). Briefly explain the major benefits of an ERP system. Define ERP Explain any 8 major benefits of an ERP system 2.

Write short notes on the following: a. Decision Support System (DSS).

Smu mba sem 4 hcs summer
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