Response to two ways a woman

Kilbourne made very good points and I have experienced some, first hand so I have to agree with her. In a male Canadian judge accused a 13 year old girl of being sexually aggressive and suspended the sentence of her molester who was free to return to his job of babysitter.

Some of her examples are just disgusting and shocking today the least. Things will upset me more than they should and I may fall apart. Let Me Cry Because I will panic sometimes. Other acts of violence toward women are used.

This also sends out mixed message to men that a tie will actually help them score with women. Many months went by then I told my councilor, I surprisingly felt better like I got it out of me.

Pluck me a wildflower just because. Love me just by knowing and acknowledging—if only by a silent gaze—that I am here for you, I love you, I care for you.

The young girl told the authorities but they did nothing until her parents found she had written a suicide note and decided to take the board of education to court.

He took my virginity that night. They even get to the point where women look purposely submissive and sexually inviting. When I was 15 I had a very close friend to me, sexually assault me. Stay in touch with me and let me know that I am a part of your life, not just someone you meet up with for dinner and a sleepover.

5 Ways to Make a Woman Feel Really Loved.

After both assaults happened to me I became angry but more hurt and depressed. Remember the things I care about and bring these aspects into the time you do spend with me.

Take note of a cool quote from my favourite author that you just stumbled upon and email it to me. She argues that men and women in the media are misrepresented as sex symbols and tools.

I have to agree with Kilbourne on all of her points written in the story. Victims of sexual assaults have a very hard time living through the attack and after as well.

I just want to see you for you and as you —the amazing stuff, bad stuff, silly stuff, strong stuff, embarrassing stuff. One night I decided I wanted him to think I was cool too so I suggested we all get drunk, I had never drunken much alcohol at that point in my life but I wanted to be cool.

Girls who are sexually abused are set up for addictions and self destructive behavior. I thought he was the coolest thing; he could drink, had tattoos, piercings and drove a motorcycle.Reader response Kilbourne Reader response number 2 Two ways a woman can get hurt: advertising and violence, is a story written by Jean Kilbourne that describes how advertising can lead to violence against women.

View Homework Help - ENG Two Ways A Woman Can Get Hurt response from ENG at Suffolk University. improve their advertisements so that they can still get our attentions and successfully. Response to “Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt”: Advertising and Violence It is without a doubt that advertisement surrounds one’s life on a daily basis.

According to Consumer Reports Website, the average American is exposed to. "Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt": Advertising and Violence By Jean Kilbourne Jean Kilbourne,(born January 4, ) is a feminist author, speaker, and filmmaker who is internationally recognized for her work on the image of women in advertising and her critical studies of alcohol and tobacco.

Kilbourne's "Two Ways a Woman Can Get Hurt" reading response In this book, Kilbourne provides a deep analysis of the effects of contemporary advertisements.

She shows that while people may know that adverts are created just to attract consumers, they affect people much deeper than they think. An example that supports Killbourne is when she said, “The woman is rewarded for her sexuality by the man’s wealth, as in an ad for Cigarette boats in which the woman says, clearly after sex, “Does this mean I get a ride in your Cigarette?” ().

Response to two ways a woman
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