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The film plays off of our expectations from a horror movie. From what I can figure, the "entity" of the film is us, the viewers.

By the time the footage of themselves catches up with the present, towards the final part of the movie, the film begins to suggest endings the audience might expect and as they avoid each one, the film pushes forward and suggests another.

A huge clue is the discussion with the man in the trailer who talks about the reasons people the viewers come out to places like the boonies and he lists off a variety: We as viewers are offered many various characters that could be responsible but serve as red herrings.

In my eyes I think this is a more effective attempt at doing something similar to "cabin in the woods". An ending we expected based on the film. As he shifts the mirror back and forth and studies the reflection, he stops it on mikes face.

So as they escape each ending presented, the we adjust our expectations and assume that if it was just another fase ending, the real one is just around the corner and so we create another option to fill the gap.

In other words talking about why horror movies take place in these settings and what we expect a character to discover out there.

At this point I think the character mike has a loose grasp on what is going on. The ending is literally the the audience rising up, set off by the apparent happy ending the characters have reached and demanding what we came there for.

The reflection is only visible from our viewpoint, not mikes. I just wanted to discuss this fantastic film. Throughout the movie he starts talking about the different stories and endings being revealed to him. An audience usually expects the characters to suffer at the end of a movie like this.

They are running from us, the audience, and the end of the movie.


There are a few more small clues throughout the film that break the fourth wall including one time where the screen flashes and Chris looks directly toward us asking "what was that?

Each one offers a path that the movie could take, but as each one comes and goes they are replaced with the next. The characters are asking for another chance, another shot at reaching a conclusion we will find satisfying but also one where they live.

It only means something to us. When mike asks "can we try another way?! Cabin in the woods did it in a more lighthearted way and funny games was similarly "self aware" but I thought this accomplished it the most effectively. First off is the set up, where they find many pieces of evidence that would lead them to believe something is watching them.

He goes on to reference "beginning, middle, end" over and over while playing with the mirror and talking about a "film or membrane" he sees while looking up into the universe.Resolution is really a less self-conscious cousin to last year's "Cabin in the Woods"; both are hugely satisfying exercises in examining the way in which stories are told.

Cabin succeeded by deconstructing horror without ever intending to be scary itself. Just about everyone has moved away from standard definition analog TVs in favor of the much superior high-definition televisions.

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Most of them use certain preferred numbers. Resolution is an incredibly inventive and satisfying film that holds up after several viewings.

This is an example of why I love horror, and movies in general.

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The ending is also the best I have seen in a while. "Resolution" is a notch above your average low-budget horror flick. It has the usual gore and scares and head-scratching events. But, the story is what locked me in%. Like an indie analog to The Cabin In The Woods—and set, in fact, in a cabin in the woods—the meta-horror movie Resolution makes its own creative crisis the star, trying to make something original out of elements so hackneyed, the filmmakers can’t bear to reproduce them.

What starts as the simple story of one friend trying to wean another .

Resolution movie
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