Research paper on aztec culture

The lower priests ran the calmecac, supervised by the tlamacazton and personnel, and also kept the sacred books. The religion focused on agricultural fertility and worship of the sun, which the Aztecs felt the gods created. Several priests ran each temple, along with commoner boys, and people who were studying the priesthood.

The only unique feature that I could pick out is how well the market was monitored by the people looking for quality products. Autosacrifice was viewed as an alternative to heart sacrifice to pay back the dead. There were collaborations by many carvers on projects for kings, Research paper on aztec culture were mainly large temples, and pyramids.

Nobles wore cotton cloaks with borders of precious stones. The above paragraph describes what an early explorer in Mexico might have seen between and AD.

Ancient Aztec Civilization and Culture

In the end the strong belief in gods led to the end of a great early civilization of the Mexican country. Their only domesticated animals were rabbits, dogs, and turkeys which were fattened and eaten on special occasions.

In the end the strong belief in gods led to the end of a great early civilization of the Mexican country. A complex culture as well, which as time progressed became more sophisticated and wealthy.

The Aztec religion called for quite a large amount of human sacrifice ceremonies, which were necessary to pay the debt to the gods. Who are these people and what are they doing here you wonder? They lived in a polytheistic society where there were many gods, and the number continued to grow.

The exact numbers of the Aztecs is not known due to the age of their culture, but judging by the size of their empire it was quite large.

Some other instruments were trumpets on conch shells, pottery flutes and whistles, and rattles. Drums were the main instruments mentioned in written works, and in drawings. Drums were the main instruments mentioned in written works, and in drawings.

Once young people were married they assumed adult roles, and responsibilities. Thousands of years of soil erosion had produced deep, rich soils in the valley and a system of shallow, swampy, salt lakes in its center.

Essay, Research Paper: Aztec Culture

Beyond the city there are roads made of stone and canals full of pedestrians and canos. So the Aztecs received the Spanish very well, at that time the Spanish attacked and destroyed the culture.

Even palaces had no doors but instead had cloth hung over openings, this allowed for cool air to circulate throughout the house.

The Aztec people loved to give speeches and help others with problems. Snakes slither between your legs.

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Women wore a woven blouse with an embroidered skirt that held it in place. If the marriage fell on an unlucky day it was thought that it would fail.

The most interesting being the human sacrifices to the gods, and the large ball game that they played that sometimes went on for days without a stop. The markets and the economy were embedded in a rigid system of social classes, and no amount of economic success would enable one to cross class barriers.

The economy was highly commercialized and dynamic, but it was not a capitalist economy. This shows an amount of sophistication on their behalf, by regulating trade in a way.

The reason that I was drawn to this culture was some of the practices that they had. The Aztec religion was based largely on a debt that humankind owed to the gods, which could only be paid back through sacrifice and blood letting.The Spaniards destroyed their magnificent empire in the yearbut the Aztecs left a lasting mark on Mexican life and culture.

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Research paper on aztec culture

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Research paper on aztec culture
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