Psy 201 course syllabus

Digital Posters are encouraged. This one-minute motivator could be a poem, a game, a puzzle, some physical activity, a song, a quotation or something innovative and creative from your imagination.

Group projects are acceptable based on permission from the instructor. Each student assigned to provide the summary should also be prepared to bring a one minute motivator to class to energize your classmates.

This is especially true for students who lack confidence in their mathematical ability. Central to the purpose and pursuit of any academic community is academic integrity.

The most flagrant violation of academic integrity is cheating on an exam or a quiz. You will be responsible for keeping up with your activities and recording them on your student performance record Psy 201 course syllabus can be downloaded from course website.

Your selection of service should be related to the areas covered during this semester. Download guidelines and forms from course website.

Regardless of the clock, please wait until the instructor indicates that class has ended before closing books, gathering belongings, putting on coats, etc. Anyone starting this course gripped with "math anxiety" can rest assured that only basic linear algebra is required to follow and understand the content that lies ahead.

Criteria for Grading Portfolios Please read carefully the guidelines for portfolio development and the criteria for grading form which must be included with your submission of a portfolio. There are typically 2 versions of an exam for you to choose from - a multiple-choice or true-false, with short answer essays.

A departmental committee, not the instructor, decides on petitions. REFLECTIVE JOURNAL You can choose to keep a reflective journal throughout the semester with critical reflections and reactions to each chapter covered this semester, including lecture areas not covered in the textbook, with discussion of implications and examples from other related scholarly sources.

This includes the library, counseling center, the writing center, the tutoring center among others. The first phase of this two semester course for PSY will focus on history, physiological bases of behavior, sensory and perceptual processes,development across the life span, motivation, emotion, human sexuality, careers in psychology, methodology and statistics.

Obviously, no lecture will be offered on test days. You can contact them at or locate their web page at: You may also write a biography of one of the psychologists mentioned in the textbook or in class. Also, I will be available in my office for 1.

Be sure to make an appointment early if you want to review with your professor! So trust in your natural ability and common sense, relax, and try to have a little fun with this course.

The library staff is available to provide you with an orientation of resources in the library and how to use them. Part marks will be given for short answer questions and computational problems. Posters should also include factual information with references.

Related papers also may include extended biographies of some of the great psychologists not discussed in detail in your text. Every assignment is important. Tests and exams from past years can be found on the course website.

Scientific psychology is an empirical enterprise, dealing with formal observations and their probative relevance for theory. This summary takes place at the beginning of each class.Psychology Courses and Syllabi.

Syllabi are available from the department's office support specialist. Please specify the course number as well as the section number of the syllabus you wish to obtain. For course descriptions, see Cougarnet or the undergraduate or graduate catalog.

Child Psychology Adolescent. MASTER COURSE SYLLABUS PSY ~ General Psychology.

Revision Date: August Page 2 phenomena, and Festinger’s cognitive theory. Identify the empirically supported treatments of various types of psychopathology as well as their major intervention strategies.

Course Syllabus, Class Schedule and Weekly Agenda-PSY Attention Psy Students! Course syllabus, class schedule and weekly agenda will be sent to you via your campus e-mail.

Course competencies may be measured in a variety of ways including, objective tests, essay questions, quizzes, writing assignments, or projects. All PSY students are required to.

Course Design GuidePSY/ Version 2 1 Course Design Guide University of Phoenix/College of Humanities PSY/ ers 1/5(1). PSY Introduction to Behavioral Sciences Course Start Date: 10/18/ Course End Date: 12/19/ Please print a copy of this syllabus for handy reference.

Courses & Syllabi

Whenever there is a question about what assignments are due, please remember this syllabus is considered the ruling document.

Psy 201 course syllabus
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