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The overdiagnosis of mental disorders has recently gotten out of hand with faddish false epidemics of childhood bipolar disorder increased by forty foldautism increased by twenty foldand attention deficit doubled.

America Is Over Diagnosed and Over Medicated

I am a psychiatrist and was chair of the group that prepared DSM-IV -- the manual that currently guides psychiatric diagnosis. We know that the food choices of most children and adults today are incredibly poor, and how can you possibly expect a child to have normal behavior if he is eating refined grains, sugarsand chemical-laden processed foods that are largely devoid of nutrients?

Problems of Overdiagnosis and Overprescribing in ADHD: Page 2 of 4

Sad to say, DSM-IV is often used carelessly or not at all especially in primary care -- resulting in a great deal of mislabeling and unnecessary treatment. The majority of Over medicating children essay literature published to date does not support the general idea that ADHD is overdiagnosed nor does it support the idea that stimulants are overprescribed in children and adolescents in the United States.

Research has shown that kids low in omega-3 fats are significantly more likely to be hyperactive, struggle with learning disorders, and display behavioral problems. In one study, fish oil was found to be more effective than Ritalin or Concerta for children with ADHD, and krill may be even more effective, as evidenced by other clinical studies.

In addition, stimulant prescription rates vary by sex and age. Comprehensive physician ADHD evaluation practices are essential for accomplishing evidence-based stimulant prescribing and for reducing unwanted variation in stimulant prescribing rates.

One quarter of the general population would now qualify for a diagnosis in any given year, more than half lifetime. However, despite the established abuse potential of stimulants, the evidence that methylphenidate and amphetamine are readily abused in the ADHD population in the formulations and doses used clinically is limited.

However, the data also suggest that there continue to be geographic areas of stimulant overprescribing or inappropriate prescribing. Instead of looking for a quick fix, encourage kids to talk about their emotions. Recent research has shown that EFT significantly increases positive emotionssuch as hope and enjoyment, and decreases negative emotional states, such as anger and shame.

What is already known about overdiagnosis and overprescribing in ADHD? This enormous leap from basic brain science to clinical psychiatry will take decades to bridge in very small steps.

Stimulant abuse and diversion Despite more than randomized controlled medication trials attesting to the efficacy and safety of stimulant use in patients with ADHD, there continues to be controversy, especially regarding abuse and diversion.

DSM 5 will have a dramatic effect on peoples lives and everything in it must be certified safe and scientifically sound. A number of food additives are thought to negatively affect mental health, and many have been banned in Europe.

Ideally, children should be allowed access to stand-up desks and be allowed to move throughout the day. Their success is measured in returns to shareholders, not benefits to patients.

And their diagnostic and treatment decisions are heavily influenced by drug company advertising aimed directly at patients combined with aggressive marketing campaigns aimed at doctors. Psychiatric medicines are most often prescribed by primary care doctors who are always busy and usually under trained in psychiatry.

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Theroux identifies a fine line between ordinary bad behavior and pathology and poses the question of whether the latest drugs are taking the place of "good old-fashioned parenting.

Public health will be adversely affected by DSM 5 -- the public should become informed and have its say before it is too late.Over the past several decades, highly skilled professionals have attempted to address several issues regarding antipsychotic drugs used to treat school-aged children with Attention Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD).

The distribution of these ADHD medications have steadily increased over the years, which has, on one hand. Clarifying the controversy around medicating kids with ADHD. Meds or No Meds? How to Treat a Child with ADHD.

for all the buzz over the aforementioned Quebec study, its conclusion makes a. Over Medicating Children Words | 4 Pages. More about Medicating Young Minds Essay.

How the Media, Violence, and Advertising Effects the Minds of Young Children and Adults Words | 5 Pages; Anesthetizing Our Youth a Commentary on Over Medicating for ADHD. An eyebrow-raising 75 percent of young children with ADHD received medications, according to the latest government statistics.

have been a moving target over the years and vary dramatically by. Essay about Medicating Mental Illnesses; Over Medicating Children Words | 4 Pages.

powerful that even adults think twice about taking them due to their side effects. Are we medicating kids with confidence about their illness or should we try alternative methods first?

More about Essay about Medicating Mental Illnesses. Essay on. Jun 06,  · Post by Former NIMH Director Thomas Insel: Are Children Overmedicated?

By Thomas Insel on June 6, In the media reports on over-medicating children, this perspective is missing. The possibility that there is a real increase in the number of children suffering with severe emotional problems, just as .

Over medicating children essay
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