International case studies on smart cities

Smart Cities – International Case Studies

The most powerful tool the city plans to use for this campaign will be the Barcelona Smart City website, http: How does it work? The Urban Platform provides an IT architecture model of the city, which is replicable and open sourced, and is formed by three layers: During this process, Barcelona aims to actively involve the citizenship in a participative way, thereby promoting the concept of civic innovation.

What is the state of the International case studies on smart cities technologies market? With this purpose in mind, a complete informational campaign will be launched in order to guarantee that every citizen understands the aim of the strategy and the projects it contains, as well as how they can get involved with many of them.

Computer based systems to control the electrical and mechanical equipment of a building Digital education — Extensive use of modern ICT tools in public schools Healthcare — Prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease supported by ICT. Contact Austrade for more information on connecting with Australian companies and identifying opportunities in the smart cities industry.

Assuring efficient facilities and services in healthcare system Waste management — Collecting, recycling, and disposing of waste in ways that prevent the negative effects of incorrect waste management on both people and the environment City logistics — Improving logistics flows in cities by effectively integrating business needs with traffic conditions and geographical and environmental issues.

Utillix helps make cities smart by instantly updating videos and photographs using geolocation technology, and transfers difficult-to-read traditional black-and-white drawings into colour-coded 2D and 3D views over Google Maps.

Solutions to provide information about the main places to visit in a city Building services — Various systems existing in a building such as electric networks, elevators, fire safety, telecommunication, data processing, and water supply systems.

Case studies: smart cities

The report highlights common themes for cities taking the smart cities path to urban management: However, thanks to transversal technological programmes such as the Telecommunications Network or the Urban Platform, both owned by the city, this information can be collected, managed and communicated in a common way, making it easier to share and manage city data and services.

Outcomes included development of a full-circle waste management solution engaging the entire value chain, waste avoidance using alternatives to single-use items and optimisation of waste management and collection; electricity conservation at businesses level to address behavioural change and operational inefficiencies, and at street level for system changes for example: It is popular with workers and supervisors who actively populate the project map with information daily.

A bottom layer,collects the raw data produced by the city, and is formed by four groups of different kinds of data with their own logic and management: Currently, he is working with a team on smart solutions for poverty reduction and on smart mobility and setting up an Innovation Accelerator.

Informed by presentations from civic leaders and practitioners from North America and Europe and workshops the outcomes fit under these themes: For this reason, two of these 22 programmes are of extreme importance due to their transversal and horizontal nature, allowing for many vertical solutions to be integrated into them: Prior to joining Deloitte, Jim worked for a fortune professional services company specializing in the Architectural and Engineering sector, as Senior Vice President for International Government Services.

He has provided development policy advice at the highest levels to Multilateral Financial Institutions, national and local governments, often followed by leading the implementation of these economic development plans in more than 20 countries. Denise has over 20 years of experience working with various multinational clients across Africa, Europe, the Middle East and the United States in the public and private sectors.

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Capturing the location of these services on a map with photograph and video files is invaluable and can be shared instantly with all Utillix users on the project, avoiding assumptions and misinformation. It specifically addresses the role of Government and cities.

The Urban Platform, as well as many other programmes, relies on the city Telecommunications Network to transfer information. This increased visibility leads to better decision making, fewer mistakes and increased savings. DTTL and each of its member firms are legally separate and independent entities.Case studies on 6 of the leading smart cities worldwide.

BIS research paper number Examples and case studies Scroll through this section for details on smart city projects, success stories and lessons learned from cities around the world.

Latest Articles. Case study Birmingham.

Smart cities international case studies: global innovators

Digital Birmingham (a council-owned partnership organisation) formed a Smart City Commission in July and launched the Birmingham Smart City Roadmap in March International Cases Studies of Smart Cities-Anyang, Republic of Korea Case Study Anyang, a population city near Seoul is developing international recognition on its smart city project that has been implemented incrementally since Full-Text Paper (PDF): Learning Communities in Smart Cities.

Case Studies.

Smart Cities

This case study is one of ten international studies developed by the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), in association with the Korean Research Institute for Human Settlements (KRIHS), for the cities of Anyang, Medellin, Namyangju, Orlando, Pangyo, Rio de Janeiro, Santander, Singapore, Songdo, and Tel Aviv.

International case studies on smart cities
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