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Ill health forced Yeats to leave the Irish senate in Overall, "The Second Coming" has been well-received as one of the most evocative visionary lyric poems of the twentieth-century and widely praised for its technical excellence and extensive symbolic resonance.

According to the cosmological scheme of A Vision, the sweep of history can be represented by two intersecting cones, or gyres, each of which possesses one of two opposing "tinctures," primary and antithetical, that define the dominant modes of civilization.

The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats: Summary

It was first published in November in The Dial and later appeared in his collection Michael Robartes and the Dancer, one of several works of the period that exemplify the rhetorical, occasionally haughty tone that readers today identify as characteristically Yeatsian.

Enjambment, alliteration and assonance all play their part in these second stanza lines: Gyre means spiral or vortex, a geometrical figure and symbol fundamental to the cyclical view of history that Yeats held to. The rough beast about to be born after twenty centuries could take the form of a government, a tyrant, a regime - according to the cosmic and spiritual laws it would have to counteract the effects of religion, Christianity.

And again at line The result is the emergence of a sphinx-like figure from the World Soul, the Vital Spirit. He was devoted to the cause of Irish nationalism and played a significant part in the Celtic Revival Movement, promoting the literary heritage of Ireland through his use of material from ancient Irish sagas.

In Yeats became a senator for the newly formed Irish Free State. So the Second Coming dominates the start of the second stanza. Hardly has the poet uttered the words the Second coming than he sees a vision of a vast image emerging out of the racial unconsciousness of mankind.

When a vast image out of Spiritus Mundi Troubles my sight: For the whole of the first stanza and some of the second, the speaker is objectively describing events. Further Analysis With strong involvement in political, cultural and spiritual matters, William Butler Yeats the poet was in a unique position to write a poem as far reaching as The Second Coming.

Again, Yeats delivers a vivid picture of the consequences, repeating the word loosed in tsunami-like imagery, as humanity descends into moral confusion. And then suddenly the darkness comes over again i. Global Issues Analysis A 22 line poem, two stanzas, in free verse, with loose iambic pentameter mostly five stresses and ten syllables per line but there are variationsThe Second Coming is one of the more successful non rhyming poems Yeats wrote.

In he enrolled in the Metropolitan School of Art in Dublin. Together they founded the Dublin Hermetic Society to conduct magical experiments and "to promote the study of Oriental Religions and Theosophy. As it does so, desert birds feel disturbed by the emergence of this unfamiliar figure and the poet in his vision sees their the desert birds shadows reeling around this shape.

The situation is worsened by the fact that the best people are not sure of themselves and their convictions whereas the worst people being very confident are full of passionate intensity.

As the falcon sweeps higher and higher this vortex or cone shape widens and weakens the hold on reality. Control is already being lost.

All these point to the possibility that some revelation i. Because of the dire situation established in the first stanza, some kind of fateful release is triggered.

The first stanza is full of dramatic verbs: The first two lines for instance take the reader off into the air on the strong wings of a falcon, far away from the hand of the falconer. The Second Coming - Certain Words gyre - a vortex or spiral or cone shaped geometrical figure, pronounced with hard or soft g.

The Second Coming relies heavily on certain words being repeated, perhaps to emphasise the cyclic nature of things. In the early twentieth-century Yeats envisioned the primary gyre, the age of Christianity, to be at its fullest expansion and approaching a turning point when the primary would begin to contract and the antithetical enlarge.

Major Themes "The Second Coming" is viewed as a prophetic poem that envisions the close of the Christian epoch and the violent birth of a new age. As this trend continues there is an inevitable collapse of systems and society. As you read through, note the change in rhythm and texture as the narrative alters.

The contrasting antithetical or lunar tincture he related to aristocracy, hierarchy, art, fiction, evil, particularity, and war.

Summary and Analysis of the Poem

Commentators have also seen "The Second Coming" in the context of other poems by Yeats that elicit similar or parallel themes, such as "Leda and the Swan" and "A Prayer for My Daughter.Essay; Critical Theory ; English Periods; Literary Terms; The Second Coming by William Butler Yeats: Summary Because the falcon (body or desire or instinct or will power or civilization or devil) is no longer in a position to listen to intellect i.e.

the falconer (soul or conscience or god or creator) its controlling forces and the soul, as it. SOURCE: "The Second Coming': Coming Second; Coming in a Second," in Irish University Review, Vol. 22, No. 1, Spring/Summer,pp. [ In the following essay, Deane studies "The Second Coming" in relation to the accompanying poems of Michael Robartes and the Dancer, concentrating on its combined sexual and historical.

Critical essay on “The Second Coming” “The Second Coming” from W.B. Yeats is a description that transcends the limits of poetic beauty to become a. Gyre is a word used to mean how things were moving in a spiral movement after the Second World War to bring to the readers mind the theme of confusion.

Turning and turning is used to create repetition of the world’s cruel events which could present Christ’s Second Advent as revealed in the book of revelation. Critical essay on “The Second Coming” “The Second Coming” from W.B.

Yeats is a description that transcends the limits of poetic beauty to become a work of critical character. The poem transmits to the reader an atmosphere of chaos and destruction, this description chaotic of environment has a direct relationship with the cultural and.

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Critical essay on the second coming
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