Computer in educational field

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They are no longer limited any specific field. These educational programs are generally in the shape of lectures on a specific subject. The otherwise not-so-interesting lessons become interesting due to audio-visual effects. Creating and saving a new document, drawing tables, hyperlinks, mail merge and Computer in educational field.

Hor is computer used in education? Computers should be introduced early in education. The Internet helps teachers set test papers, frame questions for home assignments and decide project topics. Similarly, students can submit homework and assignments as soft copies.

Presentations, notes and test papers can be stored and transferred easily over computer storage devices.

Computer Technology in Education and Its Effectiveness

Computers are used in all kinds of fields. The cost of savings for them in travel alone is enough to justify the adoption, not to mention the time savings.

The Unquestionably Important Role of Computers in Education

Data inserting, sorting and analyzing, using formulae, presenting data on charts. Another advantage of using computers in education field is Quicker communication between students, teachers and parents that improves quality of teaching and learning process.

Physically distant locations have come closer due to Internet accessibility. Students of any level can use internet to access useful information about their projects and research work.

Students use internet to access VU website. Computer technology has made the dream of distance learning a reality. Instructing the students using PowerPoint slides, Word documents or Web pages and using hyperlinks for better concept clarity.

For teachers, they use computers to create graphic illustrations which can help students learn easily, yet students use computers in typing of notes and reading of electronic books which can be downloaded from the internet.

When the time will come, that universities and institutions in the field of teacher education, feel an urge to revise their curriculum keeping in view the modern technological changed society?

Here are just some ways I have used them in the past - I am a high school Mathematics teacher. Testing and Evaluation process Keeping records of students for their academic scores Keeping records in relation to personal history Creating question bank for students Using computers for testing by asking questions from question bank Online Testing and Evaluation Analysis and interpretation of the data Previous year Question papers and sample papers using web sites.

What are the uses of computers in education?

Due to the visual aid, difficult subjects can be explained in better ways. The use of computer as tool in education is to help you get more research faster.

When it comes to storing retrieved information, it is easier done on computers than maintaining hand-written notes. Both students and teachers can use these tools in education. Institute Administration Computers are being used to perform many tasks in educational institutions, easily and quickly: As a teacher this is a great way to start a discussion, or to get a concept across.

The educators are feeling shy and reluctant to accept technology as their work partner. There are indeed many specialized teachers and a plethora of study material for technical knowledge in computers, but we lack teacher educators and resources for teaching computers in relation to education.

Computers will be helpful for: Computers Enable Internet Access Internet has information on literally everything and computer technology enables easy access to it.

Uses Of Computer In Education Field

Effective Use of Computer Technology in Education: They have an effect on almost everything you do. After completing the prescribed syllabus, the students will be able to: What are the uses of computer in education? Parents can know the progress of their children through computers and internet, by browsing the website of the educational institute.

And those universities who tried to initiate the process were faced by different challenges including lack of specialists and professionals to frame proper curriculum, curriculum as per needs of modern developing India with global economy, teacher educators and study material for such curriculum etc.

They occupy very less space, yet store large amounts of data. Computers - A Brilliant Aid in Teaching Students find it easier to refer to the Internet than searching for information in fat books.

They bring presentations on a flash drive, plug it in to a computer in the classroom, and the teaching begins. See more at www.They primarily focused upon use of computers in education hence; they initiated to teach a core paper “Computers in Education” with other foundation papers in education, so as to initiate a process of making a relation between teacher-computer-student.

Computer, hard drives and storage devices are an excellent way to store data. This was about the role of computers in education.

But we know, it's not just the education sector which computers have impacted. They are of great use in every field. Today, a life without computers is unimaginable.

This underlines the importance of computer education. One of the main uses of computers in education is 'the Access to the Internet' for information search about any topic. Another advantage of using computers in education field is Quicker communication between students, teachers and parents that improves quality of teaching and learning process.

Computers play a vital role in every field. They aid industrial processes, find applications in medicine; they are the reason why software industries developed and flourished and they play an important role in education.

This is also why the education system has made computer education a part of school curriculum. Considering the use of. Effective Use of Computer Technology in Education: Computer technology can be used for visual illustrations: Students can learn more when teachers teach them using visual illustrations.

Now when we talk of computer technology, we cover technological tools like PC’s, smart whiteboards, iPads, Projectors, Internet and Mobile phones. Computer applications include, but are not limited to, desktop publishing and presentations, computer use in classrooms, telecommunications and distance education, computer hardware and software, networking, lab administration, multimedia presentations, and publishing.

Computer in educational field
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