Business ethic tainted milk powder

Furthermore, the customers of San Lu Group, all the customers are affected, because the customers that purchased San Lu Group products are for their children.

Still, with Sanlu closed by government decree and its future in doubt, two men charged with crimes that can carry the death penalty, and a government investigation widening, "this serves as an extremely strong cautionary tale for the whole industry," says Professor Yang. I think the first inclination was to try to put a towel over it.

The victim chooses to accept the compensation from Sanlu instead of inform the others about this incident. The company also needs to pay for the medical expenses and compensation to all the victims.

Thus, the quality control official Li Changjiang had been forced to resign after the carelessness. Top executives of Sanlu were arrested. And both have the economic muscle to force Chinese suppliers to do things their way, if they decide to. It may also cause death if over consumed.

Doctors in several Chinese provinces have found more than 1, babies who drank the formula suffering from kidney stones and renal failure. Conclusion As a conclusion, all the practices whether is ethical or unethical will bring impacts to the individual, organization, society, association and international.

Therefore, company which used melamine in their product will benefits from the delaying of those rumors about the danger of melamine. The Chinese Health Ministry started testing dairy products across the country. The official should for Following by the article, the Chinese investigators found that there is about 70 milk products from more than 20 companies contain melamine.

The milk scandal became public in Augustafter it was disclosed that the baby formula produced by the Chinese dairy products company, Sanlu Group was contaminated with melamine, which caused kidney failure of many children, resulting in death in some cases.

Yet, Sanlu refused to admit the quality problem of their products and continued the production.

Ethics: China's Tainted Milk Essay

The authorities "will be defeated constantly" unless "they begin to think how you make multiple producers responsible agents," he says. Why did Sanlu outsource? Those who involved in the scandal included the former board chairwoman, general manager, deputy general manager, head of division and executives.

All countries should integrate a standard level of agreement in this policy. Originally, Sanlu collected milk itself but the supply is very limited and not all of the citizens are affordable to buy milk.

There is several reason of doing this unethical issue. The case details the actions taken by the Chinese Government in response to the milk scandal.Essays & Papers Business Ethic Business. (“Sanlu Recalls Tons of Melamine-Tainted Milk Powder”, ) Inaroundchildren in China were sick heavily and even six babies died due to the over consuming the milk powder.

This is the effect of the practice of this unethical behavior as melamine able to imitate the properties. There are significant problems with business ethics in the world’s second biggest economy, China. Witness the recent scandals involving tainted milk powder.

Before that, lead paint used in toys was the big issue. Last year, there was a scandal involving injecting water into meat to increase its. Ethics: China's Tainted Milk.

Business Ethic - Tainted Milk Powder Essay

1 - Ethics: China's Tainted Milk introduction. Government. Government wants to attract tourist and outsider to come to their motherland for both purpose, to promote tourism and to promote investor to invest and set up business. Question 3: What steps could Baidu - Business Ethic - Tainted Milk Powder introduction.

The Chinese Tainted Milk Scandal

com take to restore its reputation, and what challenges will it have to overcome? Steps to restore the company reputation: 1. Know The Truth If the Company want to get rid of a bad reputation, the Company will first have to. Case Study 3 - Sanlu MS_Fantastic8 Case background.

Behind bad baby milk, an ethical gap in China's business

InSanlu Group Inc (Sanlu) melamine-tainted milk scandal in China shocked the world. Melamine, an industrial material of plastic product which will lead to kidney stones especially the new born babies. - Distinguish the expected ethical values between business.

 Business Ethics Business Ethics Ethics is how we live our lives both personally and socially.

Ethic Business Essay

It refers to those values, norms, beliefs, and expectations that determine how people within a culture live and act (“Hartman”, ).

Business ethic tainted milk powder
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