Analysis of spoken discourse at obamas inaugural address politics essay

Especially when it comes to creating and maintaining differences in power relations. Thirdly, the text, being the product of the first two stages, commented on above. Logos is the logic or reasoning handed by an author of a speech.

The occasion was historical since it marked the day America got the first African American President and a president who believed in democracy and stood for peace, justice, equality and the rule of law. More Essay Examples on Politics Rubric 1. The capitalism is, however, venerated in the liberal vision because it creates wealth, but it has to be regulated in order to serve the common good.

Fairclough subsequently gives three stages of CDA, which are in accord with the three abovementioned levels of discourse: This creates pathos by illustrating to the people that he recognizes that without the American people there would not be an America.

Liberal discourse To be able to decipher ideological components in the Obamite discourse, we should give an outline on what constitutes liberal discourse and in what way it is differentiated from the conservative discourse.

In the same publication, the possible procedures for analysing of texts are suggested. A division proposed by Fairclough Ibid.: Increasing wealth creates new opportunities to achieve fairness and justice.

This passage creates pathos through the compassion he shows to people outside his nation. Not only the language use is affected by its groundedness within certain frame of cultural or social practice, but also the use of language influences and shapes the social and cultural context it finds itself in.

This statement, found in the seventh paragraph from the last, is addressed to non-American citizens, and nations in the world that are not rich in resources and finances.

It can be concluded that discursive practices are constitutive of social structures, the same way as the social structures determine discursive practices.

According to Lakoff The organization of the points was chosen keenly in order for it to run according to the whole length of the speech.

This paper analyzes discourse of political speaking, namely the inaugural address of President Barack Obama. In this process, language plays a crucial role, for every political action is prepared, accompanied, influenced and played by language.

The solution lies with the people paragraphs The president draws a parallel between American civilians and American soldiers, both embodying the American spirit of service.

These statements are delivered following each other to show the realness and the severity of the situation as at the time in reference. CDA accepts this social context and studies the connections between textual structures and takes this social context into account and explores the links between textual structures and their function in interaction within the society.

Rhetorically it incorporated all three major aspects of ethos, logos and pathos in different instances. Critical discourse analysis Critical Discourse Analysis CDA is obviously not a homogenous model, nor a school or a paradigm, but at most a shared perspective on doing linguistics, semiotic or discourse analysis.

These two statements are said to show his humble beginnings and how far behind he has come from. A tricolon is a series of three statements that are delivered in a parallel style while they are not related but fit grammatically in one sentence.

Rhetorical analysis of Obama's political speeches

The auditioning for the position of President officially ended and the position was granted to him. Schooling and welfare systems are the governmental responsibilities as well. His words also depict ethos when he shows his respect for the foundation that had been laid down by the American fore fathers and the soldiers.

Introduction Politics is a struggle for power in order to put certain political, economic and social ideas into practice. In order to end the inequalities in the society, the government has to play a significant role in the lives of the people.

So, as to sum up the main difference between the two ideologies, the quote from Hunter These are meant to drive the point home and at the same time stress the points. Outline of the inaugural speech The inaugural address of president Barack Obama can be internally divided into the following six parts: The founding documents are seen as living, therefore, they can be differently interpreted or amended to suit the ever-changing world in order to maintain the basic principles that the Founding Fathers entrusted in the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution and the Bill of Rights.

Examples of the Rules of Three: Thanking his predecessor paragraphs 2. The speech had emotion, logic and was being delivered by quite a reputable character.Critical Discourse Analysis of Obama's Political Discourse enshrined in his inaugural address. Our analysis is grounded in Norman Fairclough's assumptions in critical discourse Politics is a struggle for power in order to put certain political, economic and social ideas into.

Rhetoric Analysis of President Obama’s Inaugural Speech The most famous speech in the past three years has to be President Obama’s inaugural speech.

The occasion was his inauguration as the President of the United States of America after a landslide.

rhetorical analysis of obama's political speeches Essay. Critical Discourse Analysis of Obama's Political Discourse Juraj Horváth Abstract This paper examines the persuasive strategies of President Obama's public speaking as well as the covert ideology of the same, enshrined in his inaugural address.

This paper examines the spoken discourse of American President, Barack Obama's public speaking when he has been sworn as the 44th of United State president in New York on January 20, Discourse Analysis and Political Rhetoric Politics is always bound up with language until there is a way for establishing a new way of communication between people around the world.

According to Fairclough (), political differences have always been constituted as differences in language, and political struggles have always been partly.

The inaugural address was unusually dark and political, delivered in a forum where new presidents have tended to reach for a language of unity, positivity, and non-partisanship.

Analysis of spoken discourse at obamas inaugural address politics essay
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