American vs import cars essay

So in my opinion those should not compete as real foreign cars. There seems to be this tug of war throughout history between domestic and foreign cars. You mention that Japan makes long lasting cars that are incredibly reliable.

Of course, you still have to do the maintenance. You can barely keep a Honda on the road. However, as long as you stick to something common like a Honda or Toyota, you should never have trouble finding someone that knows how to work on it.

You are right though, it can be harder to find a foreign auto mechanic. Therefore, the parts are designed to last much longer on average. Eric Anderson i have a dodge neon withmiles on it, but besides someone hitting me from the back it still running! I will say, however, that my Toyota engine needed virtually no repair compared to my Chevy.

Buy a Buick you would be really hot in a Cascada maybe?? Toyota cars are usually slightly lighter than USA cars. European brands are known for craftsmanship and performance. Usually the US version comes better equipped but the ones that are the Japanese version, has proven to be a lot more reliable here than the US version.

But the radio was defected i had to replace it twice before the warranty ran out,and it had a bad ecm, and the gas mileage went down from miles to It probably decreases because of your intentions as a mechanic. The heater which i think was defected, i have a crack across my dashboard!!!!!!!!

Ford and GM are building 9 and 10 speed transmissions together and GM and Honda are working on fuelcell cars.


Just ask any of them. We also have the US version of those cars here as well, but are sold by used car dealers, since they can get them cheaper, by importing them from USA. There have been times when I do two Hondas for one of everybody else. As you mentioned, I like foreign cars because of their better reliability and fuel mileage.

In Consumer Reports last five annual reports, the last time these German brands have been above average in reliability was back in Real foreign cars, like the Toyotas made in Japan, are build to last much longer, like my Toyota made in Japan Corolla 1. So it is like Toyota and Nissan have their own American car models that they release only in North America.

I know a lot of people who get confused and think that Henry Ford invented the modern car. Let Hanne Keiling buy a Honda. With customers trusting you with their cars and some what their lives.Creating a Market for Electric Cars Essay example - When Ford Motor Company was founded init would go on to start a revolution for the American auto industry.

Muscle cars are a long held American tradition and these fabulous cars are an example of the benefits to American engineering and manufacturing. Muscle cars are an ever growing form of art.

Muscle Cars Vs.

Import Cars For me and many others like myself, I am a fan of cars, both domestic and import. Below is an essay on "Muscle Cars vs.

Foreign Vs. American Cars: Is There a Difference?

Import Cars" from Anti Essays, your source for research papers, essays, and term paper examples. when American automakers first recognized the market for performance-oriented versions of.

Import Cars vs. Domestic Cars, Which One To Choose?

The long-standing foreign vs. American cars debate has a few hot topics we should be aware of when looking at each side of the coin: quality, style, price, and fuel efficiency.

QUALITY In the past, American vehicles have been notoriously low on quality and price alike. Muscle vs Import serious debate.

submitted 4 years ago * by throwawaywqrqwd. Lets have a serious debate about muscle vs import. No name calling, strawman arguments, or raceprepped vs stock type arguments please. The majority of break downs for American cars is stupid shit that you can fix in under an hour, sometimes more, sometimes less.

Often‚ you hear people protesting the United States’ consumers buying import products. People feel that you should "buy American" to boost the American economy and keep our .

American vs import cars essay
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